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Hey There Zombiecakes

here's your love fix

31 October
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femme. 16. british. sarcastic. bookish. music junkie. photographer. reclusive.

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alcohol, alfred hitchcock, an cafe, anime, art, audrey hepburn, b-movies, baking, beer, black and white horror, black and white movies, black and white photography, bonfires, bonfires on the beach, book shops, books, bou, british comedy, bubble baths, cafés, cats, cemeteries, christmas, christmas carols, christmas movies, cigarettes, classic horror, clothes shopping, cooking, cosplay, court tv, cult cartoons, documentaries, dollfie, dylan moran, edward scissorhands, effeminate men, engrish, fairy lights, fall, fall mornings, family guy, fashion, fashion magazines, final fantasy, flirting, fraiser, fruits, george a romero, gillian anderson, gore, graffiti, graveyards, guitarists, guitars, halloween, hammer horror, handwritten letters, hardcore, horror, individuality, j-rock, japan, japanese fashion, japanese horror movies, jennifer tilly, johnny depp, jrock, jumping in leave piles, jumping in puddles, learning foreign languages, lolita, make-up, making snowmen, manga, metal, mixtapes, miyavi, money, monster movies, monsters, mork & mindy, movies, movies with subtitles, mp3s, murder, music, paranormal, pete burns, photobooths, photography, piercings, pierrot, post-punk, postcards, punk, rain, rainy afternoons, resident evil, robots, rock, salvador dali, serial killers, shopping, silent hill, silent movies, snow, spending other peoples money, spiders, subculture, superdollfie, tarot, tattoos, tea, the cinema, the city, the city at night, the nightmare before christmas, the occult, the paranormal, the radio, the rain at night, thunderstorms, tim burton, tokyo, vampires, vanity, video games, ville valo, vincent price, vincet price, walks at night, wednesday addams, will & grace, wine, winter, winter mornings, zombie movies, zombies